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KSEB LT Online New Service Connection - Instructions

    Thank you very much for associating with Kerala’s largest Public Sector Undertaking and giving us an opportunity to serve you. You are requested to go through the instructions carefully before filling up the application form.
  1. The following 2 documents are mandatory for all applicants for new service connection
    1. Proof of Identity of the Applicant -Applicants shall furnish any of the documents listed below as proof of Identity.
      (Electoral Identity Card/Indian Passport/Driving Licence/Ration Card/Photo Identity Card issued by any Government Agency/PAN Card/AADHAR Card/National Population Register (NPR)Card/Photo Identify Certificate from Village Panchayat or Municipality or Municipal Corporation).
    2. Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises - Applicants shall furnish any of the documents listed below as proof of ownership.
      (Ownership certificate of the building issued by Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat or Township / Ownership or Possession certificate of the land issued by competent Revenue authority / Certified copy of title deed or lease agreement / letter of authorisation from the Punja/Kole Special Officer in the case of agricultural connections for dewatering/ letter of allotment in the case of industrial estates or industrial parks or Special Economic Zones).
      An applicant who is not an owner but an occupier of the premises/tenant, shall furnish a no objection certificate from the owner of the premises along with any of the documents listed above.
    1. All Low Tension(LT) applicants can submit online application for new service connection by payment of Application Fees of Rs 50 /-
    2. LT Domestic category applicants having connected load upto and including 20 kW and other LT consumers having connected load upto and including 10 kW who require only Weather Proof service less than or equal to 35 m (i.e. not requiring construction of OH line including phase addition, installation of support poles, pole insertion etc) for effecting service connection can opt for Package Connection (Service connection before field verification). Such applicants can remit online all the requisite fees for new service connection including Application fees, Security Deposit and entire expenditure for Service connection. For such applicants connection shall be arranged (possibly in two working days’ time) if there is no pending service connection application in that category. The inspecting personnel accompanying the team effecting service connection will verify the details. However if any additional information, consent or sanction is required for effecting the service, the service connection will not be effected until necessary orders are obtained from the competent authority. The applicant has to agree to remit additional amounts if any, on demand, after inspection.
    3. For applicants where overhead line extension or installation of poles (support, insertion etc) is required for effecting service connection, the cost can be ascertained only after field inspection. Such Applicants can submit their application online and pay the required Application Fee. The cost (Estimated cost for Service connection + Security Deposit) thus ascertained during field inspection will be intimated to the applicant through e-mail and sms after inspection and the applicant need to remit the amount subsequently (through the counter in any of the KSEBL Section offices).
  2. The applicant can register for online new service connection by providing his/her email id and mobile number.
  3. All consumers, irrespective of the connected load, shall install an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker of suitable capacity for earth leakage protection.

Payment Instructions

  • User will be carried to Payment Gateway Site for making secure payment.
  • Once payment is completed, the result will be displayed. User can take print out of the transaction details.
    The same will be send to the provided email also.
  • Consumers can make payment through Net Banking or Credit/Debit card.
  • Transaction charge will be deducted from Consumer account.
  • During Online Payment, if the amount is debited from bank account and the transaction details are not generated online, please allow us to generate the transaction details within 48 hours. If the Online transaction details are not generated, even after 48 hours or money is not refunded to the bank account, please submit the Registration Number and Section Code by notifying the problem to the KSEB Support Team
    email id:
    Phone: 0471-2555544
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